Dec 17, 2014
World’s First Microgreens Franchise A Huge Success

Urban Cultivator is a company with a goal – to take hydroponic growing where no company has gone before. Based in British Columbia, Canada, they believe local is the way to go, and so their mission is to provide for each and every family access to healthy and organic herbs, vegetables and microgreens while reducing their carbon footprint.

After recently securing substantial investments and gaining official endorsements from Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver, Urban Cultivator knew they had a winner with their Living Produce Aisle franchise opportunity. This unique store provides businesses and individuals an opportunity to drop by and purchase 100 percent organic microgreens grown in Urban Cultivator’s self-developed plug-and-play hydroponic cultivating chambers.

Already, millions of dollars of orders have begun flooding in not only for the microgreens themselves but for restaurants and stores looking to use the growing chambers under their own roof.

So it sounds like Urban Cultivator is very well on its way to reaching its goal. To learn more about Urban Cultivator, go to

How are you taking advantage of the hydroponic growing movement? It’s certainly more than a trend, and Urban Cultivator’s success is just one example. Shoot me an e-mail at, and let me know where you think hydroponic growing is headed.

– Jasmina

SmartBee’s Handheld Water Meter Earns GRODAN Approval

Based in Las Vegas, SmartBee Controllers announced last week that their new Handheld Water Content Meter has gained the seal of approval from GRODAN. The meter provides a new tool for hydroponics growers to accurately measure grow media moisture levels as a percent of saturation from 0 to 100 percent with 1 percent resolution and 2 percent accuracy. Additionally, the water content meter measures substrate temperature from 35 to 120° F. This assists growers in controlling their dry-down so plants are not too hydrated or overly dry. The SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter is available on the SmartBee website: or soon at hydroponics stores throughout the United States.

Seniors Join Sustainable Movement, Operate Rooftop Garden

A community of seniors who live at the Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community in Northlake, Illinois, have designed and maintained what they call their Harvest Rooftop Garden. This hydroponic garden, installed in the spring of 2014, is a collaborative effort between the residents and Concord Place’s production manager, Samantha Lewerenz. “The rooftop hydroponic garden has become a place that is easily accessible for the residents and encourages them to learn, grow, share knowledge and enjoy the harvest,” said David Friedman, whose company, F&F Realty, owns and operates Concord Place. The community grows a variety of sustainable fruits, vegetables and herbs in the garden, including parsley, oregano, cilantro, thyme, mint, dill, fennel and basil. Some of the produce is used in the living facility and some is shared with local restaurants.