May 26, 2017
A Worthwhile Investment By Tim Hodson

Investing in employee education is one the investment every business should be doing.

Your employees are your biggest assets, why not invest in them?

The challenge is finding the time and money for the employees to attend workshops, seminars and training courses.

But there are many different online opportunities that you can take advantage of to help educate your employees as well as yourself.

This summer Michigan State University and the University of Florida are offering online courses that are affordable and easy for your workers to attend.

MSU will be presenting three different courses — Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting; Biological Controls for Greenhouse Growers; and Floriculture Root Zone Management.

They are non-credit courses that are pre-recorded and registrants have three months (June 1 to Aug. 31, 2017) to complete the individual courses. Students in the course will take a pre-test and a final exam to gauge their learning on the topics.

But you better act fast, registration for all three MSU courses closes May 31. You can learn more about the courses by visiting

Later this summer, the University of Florida IFAS Extension will offer two online courses on nutrient management. In July, IFAS will offer an introductory course and in August there will be an advanced course designed for experienced growers. Both courses are offered in English and Spanish.

Later this year, IFAS will offer additional online courses on Weed Management and Costing and Profitability.

Each course runs for four weeks, and includes a personalized certificate of completion. Classes are completely online, and include streaming videos, readings, and assignments.

To learn more or register for the IFAS courses, visit

June is almost here. Why not send your employees to summer school?

It’s a great investment!

Merchandising Competition Deadline Nears

The deadline is sneaking up for entering Lawn & Garden Retailer’s Merchandiser of the Year competition.

If you know a retail operation that created a unique and innovative merchandising display this year, then tell them to get their camera and take some pictures so they can enter this contest.

The winning garden center will receive a Dramm 60116 Display (which retails for $2,778) and a $500 Wholesale Gift Credit and a 15 percent discount for Braun Horticulture’s 2017 Catalog offering (one time use).

The deadline for entries is June 9.

Click here to learn more about the contest and how to enter.

— Tim

Tim Hodson