40 Under 40, Class of 2023

Krystal Flogel


Mariani Plants

Job Title

Production Manager


  • Started as a perennial maintenance crew leader, was promoted to perennial grower and then to her current position where she has
    helped double perennial production and established a 3-gallon custom grow program.
  • Has combined her passion for writing and love for nursery production by also writing for the company’s blogs, catalogs, and e-blasts.


Never Too Late: Krystal didn’t learn to swim until her late 20s but is now a strong swimmer who loves to do laps to work out and relieve stress.

Fun Facts

A Presidential Call: Ronald Reagan phoned her parents in the 1980s to talk about the struggles small family farmers were facing. “That phone call played a major role in helping our family secure the loan to buy the farm that I grew up on.”