All-in-one installation services for the horticulture industry By Sean Shackleton

Solutions for your greenhouse labor needs

Nationally known, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies is responding to a significant surge in requests for turnkey installation services. As a single source horticultural supplier, Griffin partners with installers, such as JHS Group, to provide customer support. 

“As Griffin’s principal turnkey installer, JHS Group offers an unwavering commitment with a highly proficient team of over 73 specialists distributed throughout the U.S., with a primary focus on successful project execution. As a woman and minority owned business with native roots, the JHS Group has fostered a unique alliance with Griffin, with recognition for inventive methodology in personalizing greenhouses beyond conventional architecture,” said Janet Tso-Shushan, chief executive officer for JHS Group. 

Griffin delivers a complete turnkey solution for construction services, steering the project from start to finish. This strategic approach is founded on nationwide technical relationships and allows customers to focus on their primary business activities and revenue generation.


What is most notable in greenhouse construction today? The issue at hand pertains to the scarcity of skilled labor, particularly the challenge in seeking highly trained teams specializing in greenhouse operations. 

Offering turnkey solutions for construction labor within horticulture stems from several factors including: 

Specialized experts. Horticultural construction is a specialized domain demanding specific knowledge and expertise. It encompasses activities like erecting greenhouses, implementing irrigation systems and harmonizing all utility service connections. Skilled labor and project workflow are paramount to the precision and efficiency of these projects. 

Seasonal workforce. Engaging in greenhouse construction projects often involves fluctuating labor demands, typically peaking during times of favorable weather. This variability may present challenges in maintaining a consistent workforce. Effective planning, resource allocation and initiative-taking measures are essential for seamless operations and mitigating unforeseen delays. 

The fluctuation in workload due to cyclical variations is a standard occurrence. Consequently, the challenge lies in maintaining a sufficient labor force during temporary employment phases, proving to be a significant obstacle. 

Aging workforce. This noticeable trend in horticulture, coupled with a lesser influx of younger professionals, may lead to a demographic shift. This can create a deficit of skilled labor, particularly in the realm of specialized horticultural tasks, where seasoned expertise and experience are essential. 

“By offering a complete turnkey solution for customers who are building their greenhouse, we aim to streamline the process, ensuring efficiency, quality and peace of mind for our customers every step of the way,” said Sean Shackleton, construction business manager for Griffin Greenhouse Supplies. 

Overall, the strong need for labor services with expertise in horticultural construction arises from the complex and specialized nature of this type of work, as well as the desire for efficient, high-quality outcomes.

If you are planning a new greenhouse, get a step ahead by using Griffin’s helpful checklist.

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Sean Shackleton

Sean Shackleton is construction business manager for Griffin Greenhouse Supplies. He can be reached at Learn more about these services under the “Construction” tab at