June 2024

All-in-one installation services for the horticulture industry

Solutions for your greenhouse labor needs

An update on ag labor progress and politics

Matt Mika, vice president of advocacy and government affairs for AmericanHort, discusses the final report from ALWG and the border bill.

California Spring Trials hot topics and trends of the 2024 event

Hot topics and trends from this year’s California Spring Trials

Dive deeper and gain an edge

Why Cultivate’s workshops are essential for developing yourself and your business

Dr. Bugs: Biological control agent of Western flower thrips

Question: I have heard about a predatory mite I can use to manage Western flower thrips populations in my greenhouse. Can you provide information on the predatory mite?

Duets: Plant pathology perspective from floriculture royalty

Peter Konjoian talks with Margery Daughtrey, Extension associate at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center, about plant pathology.

Editor’s Letter: Labor updates

Read more about GPN's labor survey and how growers are dealing with current issues, and don't miss the natural control tips from BioWorks and Dr. Bugs.

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Remote sales success

Starting with the impacts of COVID-19 in 2020, the Bailey inside sales group has navigated many changes in these past four years. We went from 10 of our team members working at the main office in Minn... more

Getting started with H-2A

If you are ready to get started in the H-2A program, Emily Morris, business development and marketing coordinator at másLabor, recommends completing the following steps: CONDUCT A NEEDS ASSESSMENT ... more

GPN’s Labor Survey Report

Ornamental growers reveal industry challenges

Plant health and biologicals for disease management

Natural enemies and materials for greenhouse use

Sparkling new Princettia varieties

Set your poinsettia offerings apart with vibrant new hybrids

Start clean, stay clean in the greenhouse

GPN’s Q&A with Nancy Rechcigl of Syngenta on greenhouse sanitation

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