eBook: IPM Programs for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Courtesy of Certis Biologicals
Courtesy of Certis Biologicals

{Sponsored} Integrated pest management (IPM) has been practiced for many years as a sustainable approach to agricultural production. The adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is certainly true when it comes to pest infestations and IPM programs in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) production.

Traditional IPM Follows a Four-Tiered Approach:

1. Setting the threshold for acceptable pest levels
2. Identifying pests and frequently monitoring progress
3. Applying preventative measures to stop infestations before they happen
4. If pests pressure exceeds the acceptable threshold, deploying pest control measures to stop infestations and minimize damage

There Are Four Main Categories of Pest Controls That Form IPM’s Foundation Within a Controlled Environment:

1. Cultural
2. Biological
3. Mechanical/Physical
4. Pesticide Controls

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