The Edible and Fragrant Collections By Nathan Keil

Pleasant View Gardens' maximum solution for growers and retailers on the edibles wave.

Growers and garden center retailers need varied solutions to meet their particular needs to stay abreast of the exploding demand for edible and fragrant herbs and vegetables from consumer gardeners. Growers want a full range of quality liners to meet early and mid-season production schedules. Retailers are looking for branded/merchandised programs that connect to today’s gardeners with simple how-to and high-end presentation. Pleasant View offers the complete solution from production start to retail sale

Keeping Pace

Edible gardening has taken the industry by storm. Springing, in part, out of the great recession, gardeners were looking for ways to stretch budgets and found savings in “grow-your-own.'” At the same time, emerging gardeners were taking first steps in back to basics, finding pride and satisfaction in a more wholesome and healthy lifestyle that included fresh herbs and veggies from backyard beds and gardens.

Edibles continue to be the industry’s fastest growing segment with no end in sight as a new generation of gardeners comes full swing into a recovering housing market. Growers are scrambling to meet retail demands and garden centers need to fill shelves Spring Summer, and Fall with finished product that yields quick result in the home garden.

Comprehensive Solution

Pleasant View Gardens has a reputation for keeping a finger on the pulse of gardening trends. Early on, they embraced edibles, developing exclusive collections tailored to the unique needs of growers and retailers. The Edible Collection is Pleasant View’s edible program comprised of popular herbs and veggies. The Fragrant Collection is the companion program that offers a unique selection of herbs for sight and smell. The collections are offered in two programs: one with liner availabilities for production for growers, and the second is retail-ready for retailers as finished product. Options for retail presentation that include branded packaging and signage complete the picture.

For growers, The Edible Collection and The Fragrant Collection have dozens varieties of popular selling herbs and veggies available in 64 trays (allowing more variety in orders). The Edible Collection is also available in two choices of Pleasant View’s popular Go & Grow Kits — a standard version with tried and true herbs and new Basil Kit with choice selections of basil varieties. Go & Grow Kits ship with upscale packaging that includes coir fiber pots with pot-collar wraps, 10-count trays, bench wrap, POP signage, and eye-catching Snap Off Garden Tags that feature a recipe or suggested use on the back and a stake tag for the garden.

For retailers — spring, summer, and fall — The Edible and Fragrant Collections are available retail-ready in select varieties in finished 4-inch coir pots and 8- and 10-inch decorative bowls. All plants include Pleasant View’s retail presentation package. For added value, the finished program has an option for an all-inclusive portable trolley display with attachable POP signage that rolls straight from delivery truck to retail floor.

No edible program in the industry offers the range of options that meet the needs of growers and retailers like The Edible Collection and The Fragrant Collection. These programs are exclusively available from Pleasant View Gardens and timed for availabilities from early Spring through Summer and into Fall.