GPN September 2023 Editor's Letter featuring the cover image of the current issue

Editor’s Letter: Beauty is a gift By Debbie Eisele

Beauty is a gift from nature. It comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, and when it comes to the birth of a baby, it is a gift — filled with wonder and excitement!

It is with great joy that I share with all of you that Heather Machovina, managing editor for GPN, recently celebrated the birth of a healthy baby. Please join me in wishing Heather and her entire family much joy and happiness!

Heather Machovina
Heather Machovina

Culture Report

Nature is also captivating and provides us with enjoyable things such as new life, and new and improved flowers. This month’s Culture Report by Delilah Onofrey on page 34 dives into Senetti pericallis and all this series has to offer that is new and improved.

Culture Report: Senetti pericallis by Delilah Onofrey

Vaughn’s View

Flowers are available in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors that offer both allure and resiliency. Vaughn’s View highlights several vibrant combinations that have performed well even in challenging weather this summer. Check out Vaughn’s discoveries.

Catharanthus Soirée Double Mix from Suntory
Vaughn’s View September 2023

Forty Under 40 Perspectives

Technology may not be described as aesthetically pleasing, but it does fill a need — one to help streamline and inform growers. Take the time to read some valuable insights from the Forty Under 40 Perspectives column from Laura Barth that addresses how to use technology effectively.

40 Under 40 Perspectives article graphic
40 Under 40 Perspectives: Using Digital Technology Effectively

Supply Chain Challenges

Plus, technology plays a role and offers supply chain tools growers can utilize to help manage operations more effectively.

Supply chain management GPN Sep 2023
Supply Chain Challenges

Technically Speaking 

This month Eric Runkle’s Technically Speaking column provides valuable information on transpiration.

Erik Runkle, MSU
Technically Speaking from Erik Runkle

Dr. Bug’s

Dr. Bug’s Q&A answers an important question: Can you please provide information on how the growing medium can effect Steinernema feltiae?

Dr. Bugs Feature image
Dr. Bug’s Q&A

I look forward to filling in for Heather in her absence. If you should you have any questions or have an idea for an amazing story, please reach out to me as I welcome feedback and ideas!

Debbie Eisele

Debbie Eisele is the editorial director for Great American Media Service's specialty ag division, which includes: Greenhouse Product News, National Nut Grower, Produce Processing, Fruit Growers News, Vegetable Growers News and Spudman magazines.