Culture Report: Snapdragon DoubleShot series

Most of the breeding in snapdragons, Antirrhinum majus, over the last 25 years has been in compact genetics, uniform varieties that are mounded in shape, and usually wider than they are tall. These types are... more »

Culture Report: Centaurea ‘Silver Swirl’

In a garden center and a world full of color, what is it that really stands out for consumers? What catches the browsing gardener’s eye that differentiates itself in the sea of choices? What makes... more »

Culture Report: Calibrachoa

Home gardeners are looking for vibrant, easy-care color. Calibrachoa offers so many bold color options and style forms, it’s easy to see why it is becoming a grower and a consumer favorite. Calibrachoa also offers... more »

American Garden Rose Selections Logo

AGRS releases honors the winners of its 2024 garden rose selections

The American Garden Rose Selections (AGRS), an organization dedicated to promoting exceptional garden roses, has announced the winners of its highly anticipated 2024 AGRS garden rose selections. The winning roses embody all the characteristic's that... more »

Floral trends sep 2023

Culture Report: Senetti Pericallis

Senetti pericallis has been one of our most vibrant and unique brands. In addition to improving tried and true colors, the breeders at Suntory Flowers have been working their magic creating color-changing varieties, such as... more »

Culture Report: Silene Carol Jean Series

We have become complacent with ground cover that supplies the landscape with little more than taking space. Classic options of ivy, pachysandra and the like show little more than a green mat that may fill... more »

Culture Report: Hydrangea ‘Eclipse Bigleaf’

The market for Hydrangea macrophylla continues to grow with exciting innovations. ‘Eclipse Bigleaf’ hydrangea is the first Hydrangea macrophylla cultivar to retain its dark foliage all summer, even in warm climates. Consumers and the trade... more »

Culture Report: Sorghastrum ‘Golden Sunset’

Sorghastrum ‘Golden Sunset’ is a gorgeous earlyflowering form of Indiangrass originally selected at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. With its full, densely packed golden burnished bronze plumes held high above wide, olive-green blades and its tight, upright... more »

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