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Cannabis & Hemp Week: Tales from the Greenhouse and the Field

Cannabis & Hemp Week featured three 1-hour interactive webcasts with industry experts addressing the latest issues facing growers today. The webcast series is interactive and designed to provide growers with the latest insight, production tips and guidelines to grow successfully. Watch Day 3 on-demand!

Sponsored by: Arborjet, Beaver Plastics, Berger, Hawthorne, LI-COR

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Mums AND. . . ! Beautiful Fall Solutions that Ring the Register!

Mums pack a vibrant burst of color and fragrance in every pot and herald the wane of summer that yields to crisp autumn days. With the wealth of new genetics plug the solid tried-and-true, how do you know you’re still growing the best modern varieties for your region and program date? Which varieties make for the best natural season as well as blackcloth programs while resisting heat delay? Are you making room for NEW winners that will delight consumers, drive sales, and invigorate your offering? What about those “other fall crops”—the annuals, perennials, and accent varieties that pair with fall mums to create depth in your offering, longer bloom for consumers, and greater profits for your business? Please join Carrie Hanten Larson, Matt Willoughby and Jessica Montgomery as they share their wealth of knowledge in creating not only the best fall mum program, but also vetted ideas for DYNAMITE full-spectrum fall programs that partner with mums to make money!

Hosted by Greenhouse Product News and moderated by Tim Hodson, editorial director. Sponsored and presented by McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture.

Sponsored by: McHutchison & Vaughan's

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Pest Management: How to Control Your Worst Ornamental Insect Problems

Every ornamental grower must face crucial insect problems sometime during any crop they grow. In this webinar you’ll learn how to scout and monitor pesky pests within crops, and how to develop effective chemical and biological control programs to keep these pests from devastating your ornamental crops.

Sponsored by: NuFarm

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CAST 2020: The Compilation

California Spring Trials went digital this year and breeders around the world have been busily presenting webinars to brokers, retailers and growers. McHutchison and Vaughan’s have narrowed down the best-of-the-best from each breeder’s 2021 collections, and will present a combined 1-hour review of what we feel are the profit-makers and game-changers for the upcoming seasons. This webinar is available on-demand.

Sponsored by: McHutchison & Vaughan's

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Perennial Innovations with McHutchison and Vaughan’s

This webinar provides in-depth look at the newest perennials on the market for 2020 plus insight into the best-of varieties in class. Listen to industry experts, Lori Crawford from McHutchison and Ken Turrentine from Vaughan’s Horticulture, as they navigate you through genetics from many of the leading breeding companies and vendors in the industry. You will learn about what makes those products valuable to both professional growers and consumers and why they are must-have selections in your perennial programs.

Sponsored by: McHutchison & Vaughan's

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Hemp Plant Architecture: How a Plant’s Architecture Should Influence Your Production Plans

Hemp comes in many shapes and sizes – and different architecture can affect your farming decisions, from plant-spacing and irrigation plans to harvesting.

The Industry Innovation Series by GoodHemp is brought to you by Hemp Production News on behalf of Arcadia BioSciences.

Sponsored by: GoodHemp Arcadia BioSciences

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Seed Priming & Conditioning Effects in Hemp

A strong start can make all the difference. Learn about how the lessons of seed conditioning gleaned from other crops has transitioned into hemp. Gerard will provide a general overview of seed enhancement technology and outline the types of technologies we as a hemp growing community have in our toolbox including upgrading, film coating, pelleting, priming, disinfection, additives, and more.

Sponsored by: GoodHemp Arcadia BioSciences

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Understanding fiber growing containers through real-world applications

There are many challenges the organic grower faces on any given day, many stressors which the traditional grower doesn’t often wrestle with when cultivating their crops. While diseases, soil conditions, weeds, watering and governmental regulations are commonalities for all growers across North America, in order for crops to be certified organic, growers must adhere to strict guidelines, daunting paperwork and mandated compliance throughout the growing process. Fiber growing containers provide a sustainable, biodegradable, certified solution for organic growers.

In this webinar, The HC Companies will highlight how their EcoGrow® Organic Growing Containers can be successfully implemented in real-world growing conditions by providing results from actual trials done by actual growers in the horticultural industry. They’ll discuss growing environments, irrigation, retail sales, performance and degradation so you can determine if fiber growing containers are the right solution for your operation.

Led by HC’s Bryce Anderson, a tenured Territory Sales Manager and fiber specialist for almost a decade, he’s ready to guide you into the world of fiber growing containers, while answering all of your questions. Attendees will have the opportunity to request a FREE Sample Kit of EcoGrow® products at the end of the webinar.

Sponsored by: The HC Companies

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Learn to Implement Contactless Plant Pick Up and Delivery

Protect people and jobs with No Contact Plant Pick Up. SBI Software is offering a free consumer online store for garden centers. Learn how simple it has been made to set up, manage, promote and fulfill orders. You only have to add one link to your existing website, no additional e-commerce tools required. Also included are Platform Apps to set up the online store, manage pictures, inventory and orders. Apps work on any phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Sponsored by: SBI Software

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GPN Presents 2020 California Spring Trials by Dümmen Orange

Join us for an informative video and live presentation of the 2020 Dümmen Orange California Spring Trials displays and new varieties. Chris Berg, Director of Marketing for Dümmen Orange will take us through new innovative series like the wildly fun Roller Coaster New Guinea Impatiens, the nationally award-winning Main Street Coleus, and the state-of-the-art interspecific breeding done with DuraBloom Petunias and Woodlander Phlox.

Sponsored by: Dümmen Orange

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