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Webinar: What’s on the Economic and Legislative Horizon for the Coming Year

As you prepare your business for the new year, you and your team probably have questions about where the economy is headed and what is happening in Washington.

The industry's leading economist, Texas A&M’s Charlie Hall, and our industry's voice in Washington, AmericanHort’s Craig Regelbrugge, will give us their take on what they think is on the horizon for the green industry. During this free webinar, Hall and Regelbrugge will examine how the continually shifting economy and the changes in Congress after the mid-term elections could impact your business in the coming year.

Their insights will help you make sense of all of these changes so you can make informed decisions for a successful 2019.

Sponsored by: Fine Americas and Nufarm

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Webinar: Advanced Techniques for Applying Plant Growth Regulators

Most growers of ornamental crops know how to use plant growth regulators fairly well to control growth of the various flowering crops they grow each year. However, every year varieties change, spacing requirements change, more crops are being grown during spring in larger containers, and labor is becoming harder to find and more expensive. Some of the topics that Roger Styer will cover during this free, one-hour webinar include: Knowing how to use drenches on combination liners before potting; using branching agents to cut down on trimming and fill out containers quicker; controlling growth on poinsettias without overdosing bracts; and figuring out vigor differences between varieties are every grower’s challenges.

Sponsored by: Fine

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Webinar: Lighting Decisions for CEA: Turning Photons into Dollars

While lighting can be among the most expensive greenhouse costs, supplemental lights can lead to higher yield and crop quality helping you to make more money. Lighting requirements for common vegetable crops and sizing your lighting system for a given application will be covered. Examples will be presented of upfront cost and operating cost comparing LEDs to traditional HID fixtures. Finally, we’ll discuss how the way you control lights (time clock, light threshold, daily light integral targets) can substantially impact crop quality and cost of lighting.

Sponsored by: Nexus Corp. and Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

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Webinar: Identifying and Controlling the Top 5 Insect Pests in Ornamentals

Insects devastating crops can keep any grower awake at night.  Not knowing what insects you may have on a particular crop can cause big losses before you know it.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Roger will cover the basic insect pests he finds around the country, how to basically tell what they are, how to control them chemically and biologically and how to prevent problems in the future.
Knowing how to scout and monitor crops can help or hurt your control program, which crops tend to be attractors of that pest, and what basic control methods can be applied will be outlined.  Best chemical controls and rotations, as well as biological controls, will be presented.

Sponsored by: Nufarm

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Better Sensor Technologies for Today’s Modern Greenhouses

Three measurements to better balance resources and efficiency in controlled environment agriculture. In this educational webinar, learn about how you can enhance your CEA greenhouse with the latest and greatest in sensor technologies. Vaisala Application Engineer Justin Walsh leads the discussion and covers the following topics:

  • Measuring humidity, temperature and CO2 to efficiently and effectively balance resource use and crop growth
  • Applications that benefit from these measurements including safety
  • How these parameters are measured accurately
  • Technology behind the measurements
  • Selecting instruments with a focus on support, maintenance, stability and sustainability

Sponsored by: Vaisala

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Webinar: Common Mistakes in Using Plant Growth Regulators and How to Avoid Them

Controlling growth of ornamentals with chemical growth regulators is a challenge for any grower. Knowing the vigor of the varieties grown, spacing requirements, hanging baskets over crops grown below in the greenhouse, time of year, and method of application all affect your growth control program. Roger will cover key mistakes growing plugs, liners, and finished plants that he sees in working with greenhouse growers around the country ... and how you can avoid them.  

Sponsored by: Fine

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Webinar: Understanding the Principles of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Are you looking to get into CEA? Vegetable production in controlled environment greenhouses can meet market demand for local year-round produce. From simple to sophisticated, learn about the range of technologies used in CEA, which crops are most commonly grown, and the most common hydroponic growing systems. Presented by Neil Mattson, associate professor and greenhouse extension specialist at Cornell University. This webinar also will cover market trends and considerations when starting a new CEA operation.

Sponsored by: Nexus & Hort Americas

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Webinar: Disease Management: Helping growers identify, correct and prevent common disease problems in ornamentals

Diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses can keep any grower awake at night. Not knowing what disease you may have on a particular crop may cause big losses before you know it. Roger C. Styer, Styer’s Horticultural Consulting, Inc. will cover the basic disease problems he finds around the country, how to tell what it is before you send in samples to a diagnostic lab, how to correct the disease problem, and how to prevent problems in the future.  Knowing how moisture management and humidity can help or hurt your control program, which crops tend to be indicators of that disease, and what basic control methods can be applied will be outlined.

Sponsored by: Nufarm

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Webinar: The Proper Use of Plant Growth Regulators

During this one-hour on-demand presentation, Roger Styer, Styer's Horticultural Consulting,  discusses the basics of commonly used growth regulators, how to apply them, and how to adjust for vigor of crops and weather conditions. He also shares examples of different successful growth control techniques, from plugs to poinsettias, to help growers control their crops.

Sponsored by: Dramm & NuFarm

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Webinar: Insect Control Strategies for Greenhouse Growers

During this on-demand webinar, Raymond Cloyd from Kansas State University addresses innovative techniques that growers can use to identify and manage thrips in their greenhouses.

Sponsored by: BASF

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