February 2024

CASTing into spring

It’s time to gear up for California Spring Trials 2024

Culture Report: Snapdragon DoubleShot series

The new, tall F1 snapdragon offers strong stems and open-faced flowers

Dr. Bugs: Stratiolaelaps scimitus

The Dr. Bugs column helps GPN readers answer questions. In this column, Raymond Cloyd addresses biological control agents and information on fungus gnat larvae and predatory mites. Question: I want t... more

Editor’s Letter: Hot and cold

While most consumers have probably removed their poinsettias now that the holidays are over, growers are reviewing notes from last season and figuring out how to reduce hiccups for the next poinsettia... more

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Keeping fields cleaner

When one of my friends asked me what I did for fun in winter, my wife quickly chimed in and said: “He reads seed catalogs.” I had to pause for a moment, but then realized she was right. I have at ... more

Healthy crops

Your guide to beating common diseases this season

It’s all the buzz

With wave of cicadas coming, research looks at feeding habits

Technically Speaking: A 2024 LED lighting update

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become the “go to” fixture type for most horticultural lighting applications. Growers are replacing high-pressure sodium (HPS) with LEDs, often delivering a highe... more

Understanding poinsettia heat delay

Key strategies for growers to avoid heat delay

What’s your lighting strategy?

Experts discuss the benefit of having a lighting plan that encompasses more than spectrum

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