Editor’s Letter: Hot and cold

While most consumers have probably removed their poinsettias now that the holidays are over, growers are reviewing notes from last season and figuring out how to reduce hiccups for the next poinsettia production cycle. A delay in flowering due to heat can cause major problems for growers and retailers since this crop is sold at high volumes for only a few weeks every year. Experts at Clemson University share their research findings, along with tips to help you avoid heat problems.

One of my favorite pansy displays at CAST 2023. Let’s have a cold drink and enjoy a summer day!

And since you’re already thinking about production needs, get the 2024 update on LED lighting. There is more to choosing LED’s than just performance metrics. At this point in the winter season, how can we all not be dreaming of warm spring days? Well, Nancy Rechcigl at Syngenta wants to make sure that, in reality, we are concentrating on keeping the greenhouse free from common pathogens that love the cooler temperatures. Make sure you are taking proper measures to keep the threats away.


It’s almost time to travel to (hopefully) sunny California to visit breeders and check out what new varieties are available for 2025. Last year, CAST began with rain and hail but ended with sunny days so I’ll be hoping for the latter! Check out the Exhibitor Listing to start planning your trip — and don’t miss the sneak peeks of new varieties in next month’s issue.