January 2022

A Closer Look at LED Efficacy

Arrays of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become the predominant type of fixture for new plant lighting installations. While LEDs typically have many advantages to conventional fixtures, they are pr... more

A Well-Rounded Experience

Cole Bieker's internship at Green Circle Growers provided him with a multifaceted education that will last a lifetime. It also earned him the distinction of the 2022 GPN/Prospiant Intern of the Year.

Celebrate the Verbena

The National Garden Bureau has declared 2022 as Year of the Verbena in its annuals category. Let’s take a look at this crop’s growth and development over the years and why consumers love it.

Colorful & Durable Calibrachoas

Breeders continue to develop impactful calibrachoa varieties with impressive attributes such as increased plant size and daylength neutrality.

Control Remotely

Benefits of greenhouse controllers and automating your greenhouse.

Culture Report: Heliotropium ‘Augusta Lavender’

Unlike the heliotropes you may be familiar with, this new selection boasts flower power, increased vigor, delightful fragrance and pollinator appeal.

Light It Up. Black It Out.

Improved climate control and plant growth using LED lighting and screens: a technological match made better together.

Tough Stuff: Growers and Retailers Turn to Improved Genetics

In January 2021, 100-year winter storm Uri struck the Southeast and Southwest with temperatures below zero degrees for multiple days. A severe weather event alone would have been enough to concern the... more

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