June 2022

Blooming by Lamplight

Michigan State University studied the flowering responses of long-day plants under various screw-in LED lamps.

Culture Report: Streptocarpus Ladyslippers

This houseplant has been given new life with 12 bright colors and continuous blooms year-round.

Duets: Soluble Fertilizer Technology Continues to Advance

My guest today is Rick Vetanovetz, director of professional technical services at The Hawthorne Gardening Co. Rick has been in the horticulture industry since the 1970s, when he worked at a gr... more

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: CAST and the Power of Connecting

For us marketers in the horticulture industry, events and trade shows are paramount. We spend the whole year forming ideas and dissecting market trends to better link with our colleagues, cust... more

From the Editor: Growing Healthier

Gardening can be therapeutic, and that statement is not just a homey fable or a hobbyists’ truism. Like many of you, my mind has a skeptical side, but the evidence keeps piling up. At ... more

Leadership on LED Grow Lights

As LED grow lights become more affordable and efficient, more growers are taking advantage of the benefits they can provide, especially for propagation.

Technically Speaking: Evaporative Cooling, Part 2: Maintenance

As discussed in the April 2022 issue of GPN magazine, there are two major types of evaporative cooling used in greenhouses: fan-and-pad or fog systems. The process of evaporation absorbs ene... more

Trends From CAST

Diverse flower varieties debuted during California Spring Trials in April. Everyone had something different, but a few themes did emerge.

Vaughn’s View: Vigorous, Vibrant & Unique Introductions

Costa Premier Spring Trial showcases a diverse range of new annual introductions.

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