March 2015

Additional Studies from the North American Poinsettia Trials

At North Carolina State University (NCSU) Emma Lookabaugh, graduate research assistant with the NC State Plant Disease and Insect Clinic, conducted a survey of North Carolina greenhouses, which reveal... more

Beyond Pretty: Perennials That Boast Style and Function

While gardeners still adore perennials for purely aesthetic reasons, beautiful perennials alone can't cut it like they used to. Consumers looking for that extra value in their plant purchases, how... more

Cooling Options for High Tunnels

Cooling efficiency in high tunnels is extremely important in crop yields. By maintaining cooler temperatures in high tunnels, watering is reduced and disease control is easier because the plants are l... more

Crop Culture Report: Gypsophila Festival Series

While long known as a superior cut flower, gypsophila has only recently gained attention for its potential as an excellent pot plant, container plant and even for its ability to add interest in flower... more

Hydroponics & Nutrient Application

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in the absence of soil, fulfilling the notion that mineral nutrients can be delivered to plants more effectively through the use of a nutrient solution. Hydro... more

Light Wavebands and Their Effects on Plants

Researchers are still learning about how light quality influences plant growth and development.

New on the Market

Question: I understand a number of new insecticides and miticides were introduced last year (2014) for use in greenhouses. can you tell more about them? Answer: Yes, as you indicated, there were fo... more

Perennial Solutions: Viola cornuta Celestial Series

Viola brings cheerfulness and nostalgia to any landscape. The Celestial series of viola from Darwin Perennials offers many desirable attributes and was selected for its winter hardiness, heat toleranc... more

The ‘Staff’ That Dreams Are Made of …

Last month, Lowe's and the Home Depot announced their hiring plans for Spring 2015. And they are big! The home improvement retailers plan to hire more than 110,000 permanent part-time and seasonal ass... more

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