May 2017

Catch a Rising Star (and More)

The horticulture industry is a multifaceted marvel. The diversity and complexity of the businesses that make up our industry are fascinating. Not only are the products you produce amazing, but... more

Crossroads: The Challenges of Globalization

Doing business in agriculture used to be more independent with less regulations. Farmers would help one another, have each others backs. These days the regulations, or at least inputs that lea... more

Culture Report: Lupine Westcountry Series

This remarkable series of lupine from tissue culture is truly distinct with colors never seen before.

Drought-Tolerant Perennials

As water use continues to be a concern across the industry, gardeners as well as growers are asking which perennials will survive and thrive in dry spells?

Five Plants to Watch from the Costa Farms Trial Garden

Each December, the Costa Farms R&D team plants more than 500 varieties in row beds in the company’s Trial Garden in Miami, Florida. These plants are unveiled at Season Premier — the annual ope... more

Herbal Infusion: Taking the Country by Storm

Homegrown herbs are once again returning to the mainstream. How can you capitalize on this trend?

Shining Bright!

Introducing the horticulture industry’s brightest young superstars — GPN’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2017

Stunning Annuals from Westflowers

These unique and eye-catching varieties have generated excitement and consistently exhibited excellent summer performance.

Understanding How PGRs Work

Plant growth regulators are chemical compounds that regulate various growth and developmental processes in plants, such as seed germination, rooting, branching, flowering, fruit development, dormancy ... more

What is the Cost of Your Water?

This is the final installment of our three- part series covering research on the cost of irrigation water, including the water source, fertilizer and treatment.

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