May 2018

Culture Report: Mammoth and Veranda Cyclamen

New breeding in cyclamen has resulted in these standout, explosive varieties.

Gearing Up a Greenhouse for Summer

Preparing your operation for summer can boost growing potential and overall profitability.

Hollywood Meets Horticulture

Our Hollywood Hibiscus made their red-carpeted,  industry entrance at the TPIE Show in January of 2016, and it wasapparent to all attendees, true stars had been born! Genetically speaking, Hollywood ... more

Mysteries of the Cloud: Solved

If you’re considering moving part or all of your operation to the cloud, here are some facts to review.

Ornamental Shrubs: Beyond the Hype

Improved genetics in recent years has resulted in an incredible surge in shrub sales, but which plants are tried-and-true performers? Here are several that deserve your attention.

Presenting the Class of 2018! A Class Act

This year’s 40 Under 40 is made up of nothing but class.

Setting the Standard

The individuals that make up GPN’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2018 are setting the standard for excellence in the horticulture industry. Their dedication and commitment set them apart from the rest of the... more

Sunset at the Kansas State University Flower Trial

These 13 stunners exhibited visual impact and durability into late summer.

Technology, Apps and Other Greenhouse Solutions

So, you’re the company tech person. Your job is to keep the facility up and running at the same time keep up with all the new technology and gadgets. Wow, what a fun job you must have! Your boss tel... more

UV Radiation and Applications in Horticulture

The effects of ultraviolet light (or UV radiation) on people are well known; it causes skin to tan and, with excessive exposure, can cause skin burn, skin cancer and eye damage. Effects of UV on plant... more

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