May 2019

Automation Isn’t Always the Answer

I used to think new automation was always the answer to improving processes. But, then the challenge became save money, but do not spend a lot of money in the process. This taught me that while automa... more

Chat Room — May 2019

This month, we asked growers about perennial production, the cannabis market and labor. Click on the PDF below to read what they had to say.... more

Culture Report: Opening the Door to Seed Salvia

This premium looking Salvia nemorosa ‘Salvatore Blue’ finishes early for key spring sales.

DLI ‘Requirements’

The DLI refers to the daily light integral, which simplistically is the total amount of photosynthetic light delivered to plants each day. More technically, it is the integrated photon flux density be... more

It’s Whitefly Time: How to Update Your Rotation Program

Battling whiteflies is a constant challenge for growers. Selecting the right products with different modes of action is the first step in winning the battle.

Perpetual Perennial Performers — 2018 Trials

Entered into numerous trials across the country in 2018, these varieties stood out with impressive color and performance.

Setting Up A Cannabis Grow

The cannabis market is becoming increasingly appealing for growers. What considerations should be made before diving into cannabis cultivation?

The Class of 2019 — Meet This Year’s Fab 40

The industry is in for a brilliant future as this year's class paves the way to tomorrow.

The Real Deal … and More!

Each year for the past eight years, GPN has been recognizing 40 men and women under the age of 40. From our very first class back in 2012 to the newly named Class of 2019, I have always been fascinat... more

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