November 2014

Crop Culture Report: Canna Cannova Series

Cannas are an important variety for North American landscapes. Whether used as a thriller in back borders and containers, or as a stand-out bedding plant, gardeners and landscapers enjoy durable, impr... more

Disease Discussions: In a Perfect World

ARC: In a perfect world there would be no disease I suppose. My favorite solution would be a way to make the plants resist disease genetically since that is the epitome of biological control. If your... more

Has Your Greenhouse Gone Virtual?

What image first popped into your mind? Virtual Grower? Or perhaps, visions of creating or updating your company's website, Facebook page, Pinterest board, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and/or o... more

Incorporating Beneficials in Your Greenhouse

Mite. A four-letter dirty word among greenhouse growers. More specifically, the twospotted spider mite. These common microscopic pests are one of the biggest nuisances professional greenhouse growers ... more

Perennial Solutions: Lobelia Cardinalis ‘Black Truffle’

There are numerous definitions of the word 'striking.' One definition is: conspicuously attractive or impressive. 'Striking' is precisely the word that comes to mind when I see Lobeli... more

Replacing INCs with LEDs

Incandescent (INC) lamps have been used to create long days to regulate flowering since the discovery of photoperiodism nearly a century ago. They've been effective, inexpensive, and easy to install, ... more

The Truth About Milk and TMV

Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) resurfaced as a serious concern in production of vegetatively propagated petunias. TMV is geographically widespread and economically significant. TMV is transmitted mechanic... more

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