November 2015

Celebrating the Past, Present and the Future

Happily (to me), our industry has become more consumer focused with each passing year. Individual firms and the industry as a whole continue to evolve from a production emphasis to a marketing emphasi... more

Crop Culture Report: Gerbera Bengal Series

With outstanding flower power, tidy habit and excellent vigor, this new series will deliver high-quality plants that will fly off store benches.

Greenhouse Film Basics

It is universally understood and accepted that to have and maintain a controlled growing environment, the plants must be inside a structure that is enclosed and covered. This article attempts to deal ... more

Innovations in Grow Lighting

Studies show that plasma lighting has great potential in producing high-quality plants at a lower operating cost.

Keys to Successful Seedling Production

It's a bit nai•ve to write an article on successful production of seedlings in just one page, but for inexperienced growers it's easy to overlook some critical aspects that can lead to failure. Altho... more

New Diseases on the Horizon

Does it seem like every time you turn around, you are hearing about a new disease, insect or weed? The better our diagnostics are, the more things we find. It is also common that new plant genera or s... more

Optimizing Fertilizer Management in Container Production

At the University of California (UC), Riverside, research is being conducted to evaluate water and nutrient requirements of ornamental and floriculture crops as influenced by plant type, fertilizer ty... more

Perennial Solutions: Stachys ‘Lilac Falls’

This new intergeneric hybrid is a tough plant guaranteed to ensure consumer success.

RFID Has Potential to Increase Production, Shipping Efficiencies

Imagine planting a crop, moving it into the greenhouse and knowing exactly where every plant is located right down to where it is on the bench. Even if the plants have to be moved to another bench or ... more

The Journey into the Future Begins Now

Did you ever wish you had a time machine that would take you into the future so you could find out what the horticulture industry will look like in the years to come? Are you curious to see how grower... more

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