September 2020

Chat Room — September 2020

This month we asked our readers about Cultivate Virtual, California Summer Trials, NGB’s 2021 “Year of” crops and top-selling varieties this season. Here’s what they had to say. ... more

Culture Report: Begonia Silver and T-Rex Series

Bred for hardiness and consumer appeal, these new begonias will excite growers and consumers alike with their exciting colors and ease of growth.

Growing Success in a Digital World

Pandemic or not, technology has been impacting the way we interact with one another and operate our businesses.

How to Produce Poor-Quality Floriculture Crops

Of course, no one actually intends to produce floriculture crops that are of poor quality. However, sometimes growers unknowingly follow practices that can contribute to, or directly cause, a reductio... more

Let’s Talk Chlorophytum

With their versatility and the increased demand for tropicals, chlorophytum deserves your attention.

Living and Working in a Digital World

I don’t know about you, but I often fantasize about the day when I can actually meet with a friend or colleague, in person, over some lunch, maskless. We could talk about anything other than viruses... more

Managing Air Temperature for Specialty Leafy Greens

How can you use temperature to control crop yields and maintain efficient production?

The Path to Leadership and Success

After earning the prestigious 'Womed Award' for female entrepreneurship and innovation in 2019, my immediate reaction was: “This award is due to the extraordinary commitments made by the entire Gedi... more

Using AI to Maximize Yield and Efficiency

How can new technology help growers reduce shrink and optimize space, resulting in an increase in food accessibility?

Vaughn’s Midwest Sampler Container Trial

This month, I evaluate container performance of new annual introductions right here in my Missouri garden.

Winners Circle

These standout cultivars earned top honors for their beauty, strength, floriferousness, color, garden performance, resilience and more.

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