September 2021

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Can one squeeze water from sandstone in the middle of a pandemic? Tulsa Botanic Garden is no stranger to finding itself wedged between a rock and a hard place — the rocks being literal sandstone ... more

Chat Room — September 2021

This month, we asked readers about new variety introductions and plant trials, novel petunias, popularity of perennials, and nursery production. Here’s what they had to say. ... more

Coming to a Garden Near You …

Last month, we shared some of the overall trends and themes uncovered along the California coast. This month, we dive into the latest breeding breakthroughs and innovations that will be gracing gardens in 2022.

Culture Report: Petunia ‘Fun House Potpourri’

This uniquely colored new petunia is a fun addition to baskets and patio containers.

Light Spectrum for Different Applications

There are several terms used to describe the color, or spectral distribution of light, including light quality, spectral quality, light spectrum and photon spectrum. These terms describe the relative ... more

Precision Control of Supplemental Lighting

How can growers reduce costs and improve predictability?

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Change is here — and accelerating.

Vivid & Vibrant Perennials

These new perennial introductions demonstrated prolific and enduring flowering in the Costa Farms trial garden in Florida.

Will Climate Change Impact the Health of Outdoor Crops?

As climate change conditions continue to occur more frequently, outdoor ornamental plant growers should prepare for increased outbreaks of pests and diseases, including new invasive pests.

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