September 2022

Creating A Brighter Future for Generations of Farmers and Consumers Alike

Great Lakes EXPO sessions to look at how to effectively plan greenhouse succession and the benefits of Farm to School.

Culture Report: Delphinium Delgenius Series

Breeding improvements bred this pot-filling series with multiple semi-double blooms with rebloom.

Editors’ Letter: Plant Lovers, Industry Opportunities

Attracting new talent is crucial to the future of horticulture. As an industry, I believe we’ve always had a bit of an uphill battle connecting the dots between the plants that beautify our ... more

Engaging Plant Purchasers Through Online and In-Person Communications

Plant customers are changing. When I first started my graduate work, it was immediately after the Great Recession, and horticulture customers indicated plants were luxury goods. Given the ec... more

From Seed Coatings to Cut Flowers

GPN headed to Ball Horticultural Co. in Illinois this summer for an inside look at new construction, variety introductions and industry trends.

Hydroponic Systems & Principles of Plant Nutrition

Essential nutrients, function, deficiency and excess of growing plants without soil.

Technically Speaking: Pros and Cons of Cool Nights

Temperature is the most manipulated environmental parameter inside greenhouses and indoor farms. Temperature controls the rate of plant development and thus determines crop production time. ... more

Vaughn’s View: Creative & Colorful Container Recipes

These diverse combinations represented strong vigor, visual harmony, component balance, weather tolerance, uniform timing, color stability and floriferousness at Young’s Plant Farm trials.

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