Jun 16, 2017
2017/18 Fleurostar Award Announced

On June 16, Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plants industry, announced that ‘MiniFamous Double PinkTastic’ calibrachoa from Selecta One was the recipient of the 2017/18 FleuroStar Award 2017/18

Anita Stöver, breeder of ‘Double PinkTastic’ accepted the prize from FleuroStar Committee Chairman Heike Gronemann and Fleuroselect President Herman Hamer.

This year’s winner was competing against  ‘Conga Sunset Kiss’calibrachoa (Florensis), ‘LaBella Maggiore Rose Bicolour’ dahlia (Beekenkamp Plants), interspecific Sunfinity helianthus (Syngenta Flowers) and Mamba-Red F1 pepper(Prudac).