Jul 27, 2023
AAS provides list of young plant suppliers for AAS Winners for 2024

With a 40% increase in numbers over last year, North American young plant suppliers are offering more AAS Winners as both plugs and liners for 2024 than in any previous recent year.

All-America Selections (AAS) has just posted to their website, a list of participating young plant suppliers and the AAS Winners they are producing. That same website lists wholesale seed suppliers. Many of the suppliers listed have availability databases that are searchable and/or sortable by the AAS Winner designation to assist their customers in product selection.

The young plant suppliers included in this year’s list are:

  • Ball Tagawa
  • Bob’s Market
  • D.G.I. Propagators
  • Emerald Coast Growers
  • Genesis Propagators (Canada only)
  • Geo. Sant & Sons
  • Green Circle Growers
  • Green Leaf
  • Gro N Sell
  • Gulley Greenhouses
  • Headstart Nursery
  • Jolly Farmer
  • Knox Horticulture
  • Kube Pak
  • Lucas Greenhouses
  • Mast Young Plants
  • Natural Beauty Plant Growers
  • Pacific Plug & Liner
  • Plant Peddler
  • Plug Connection
  • Raker-Roberta’s
  • Speedling
  • Sunbelt Greenhouses
  • Swift Greenhouses
  • Tagawa
  • Van de Wetering
  • VanWingerden International
  • VanVugt
  • Wagner’s
  • Wenke Greenhouses

“We are very happy and encouraged that more and more young plant growers are choosing AAS Winners for their product assortments. As the diversity of AAS Winners expands and availability increases, consumers will find it even easier to find the varieties they want.” states AAS executive director Diane Blazek.

The list, in Excel format, can be downloaded from the AAS website. It includes all Winners from 2005-2024 and includes some older, classic AAS Winners.