Dec 23, 2019
BioWorks Hires Biological Program Manager for Disease Control

Michael Brownbridge, Ph.D.has been named Biological Program Manager — Disease Control at BioWorks.
In his new position, Brownbridge will be responsible for accelerating the adoption of current and new biological products while providing expert advice and guidance to customers and partners.
Michael Brownbridge

Brownbridge has more than 30 years of industry experience in production systems and biological control — with an extensive research history.

He previously held positions at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, AgResearch Ltd., and the University of Vermont among others.
Brownbridge’s strong history of integrated pest management will allow him to deeply understand the challenges customers are facing today and into the future as the adoption of biological programs continues to expand.
“Michael is a welcome addition to the BioWorks team,” said Peter Eppeira, Director of Technical Services. “His experience and advocacy for biological programs and IPM practices will contribute to our ability to offer even more personalized support to customers.”
Brownbridge can be reached at 905.246.7928 or at