Sep 21, 2023
California LGMA adopts GreenLink data sharing platform

Members of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) will adopt Western Growers’ proprietary GreenLink data sharing platform to collect and analyze food safety data.

This movement towards industry cohesion means that the leafy green industry will advance collective learning by utilizing a standardized data collection approach. Developed by the Western Growers Science team in collaboration with Western Growers member companies, GreenLink provides a digital, secure and confidential online platform that enables users to share food safety data.

“The use of GreenLink by the California LGMA is a huge step forward as our industry continues to make sure we advance the best food safety practices, which are essential to providing consumers the safest produce possible,” De Ann Davis, senior vice president of science for Western Growers, said. “The power of data is irrefutable, and we believe that food safety strategies dictated by science and prevention are the best way to maintain a secure food supply.”

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