Oct 16, 2023
Cyclamen Open Days highlight Schoneveld Breeding’s improvements, introductions

The breeders of Schoneveld Breeding have been working hard on new innovations and the Cyclamen Open Days will highlight improvements and new hybrids. The Cyclamen Open Days will be held weeks 43-46 in Wilp.

The Cyclamen Open Days will highlight Super Serie Fusion and the Super Serie Fusion Midi series. The large ‘Neon Pink’ is one of the selections that will be shown and it offers a two-toned color pattern. The Midi series is in a pre-commercial phase and offers three colors, will also be highlighted at the event.\

Cyclamen Open Days 2023 at Schoneveld Breeding

The large-flowered Super Serie Leopardo is a strong, large-flowered and heat tolerant Cyclamen that took the market by storm from its introduction. The assortment now offers 3 new colors.

In the greenhouses from Schoneveld Breeding, attendees will find Neon Pink, Wine Red and Light with Eye. Also the new Super Serie Elegante, the little sister of Leopardo will be present.

Another innovation is Schoneveld Breeding’s Illusia, which challenged biology limitations.

All innovations will be shown live during the Cyclamen Open Days, which runs from Oct. 23-Nov. 10, 2023.