Danziger Guatemala

Mar 23, 2021
Dangizer Guatemala Obtains MPS-A Certification

Danziger has announced that its Guatemala facility has obtained MPS-A certification — after starting in 2019 with MPS-ABC environmental certification.

Danziger Guatemala was founded nine years ago by Zehava and Ernest Danziger. It is one of the most important ornamental export companies for the North American market and is growing fast.

The company began its environmental certification to synchronize with its customers. To start with MPS-ABC, Danziger Guatemala did not have to change its processes much. They started with a new inventory platform to assist with organization.

Danziger Guatemala has the national registration in the Environment Ministry of the Country, which declares that Danziger Guatemala is under the sustainability requirements of the country. Beside the national requirements, as a company, they find they are growing green material to create a more colorful world. They will continue reforesting, reusing materials, donating to the community and recycling.

“Danziger Guatemala is an example of a company where growing high-quality products is combined with efforts towards a more sustainable production and implementation of good working circumstances for employees,” said Arthij van der Veer, area manager at MPS. “Examples are implementation of recycling principles, efforts on reforestation onsite and in surrounding area and social projects in surrounding villages. We are happy that Danziger Guatemala has chosen MPS-ABC and we look forward to further extending the cooperation in the near future.”

To learn more about MPS, go to www.my-mps.com.

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