Jul 8, 2020
Danziger Releases 2020-21 Catalog

Danziger’s has published its 2020-21 annuals catalog featuring its new series, innovative varieties and progressive programs that all have one goal: to provide solutions for growers, retailers and the end consumer.

The new introductions include totally new series with unique color patterns, improved efficiencies and enhanced profitability for growers as well as retailers.

There is also a continued focus on garden performance for the end consumer. The new series include:

  • SOL-LUNA hybrid impatiens (pictured above)
  • HARMONY COLORFALL New Guinea impatiens
  • SCOOP petunia
  • SPLASH DANCE petunia
  • OMBRE calibrachoa
  • DARLIN’ dahlia; and
  • GLOW lobelia.

Danziger is also bringing a new combo program to the North American market named Durabella.

With more than 100 novelties, 70 crops and 650 varieties, Danziger is presenting two catalogs. There is one for Europe and rest of the world as well as a second version for the North American market.

Both catalogs can be downloaded directly at www.danzigeronline.com/digital-catalog/.

“When it comes to new varieties and new programs, we do everything with the grower in mind,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “Over the past few years, we’ve had a larger international team looking at our new genetics. That knowledgeable team not only helps us choose the best plants, they help us choose varieties that can solve the challenges growers face every day.”

Those solutions help growers work more efficiently, ultimately allowing their business to be more profitable. “We’re talking about genetics that require less inputs, series that stay naturally uniform and varieties that are easier and less time intensive to grow. Best of all, these plants look great longer at retail, provide excellent performance in the home garden and the feedback from our customers’ trials is excellent” he added.


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