Feb 5, 2024
Encourage your top-performing employee to apply for the HRI Leadership Academy Class of 2025

As a member of the green industry business, you understand that effective leadership development requires a sustained commitment to leadership training to keep top leaders performing at high levels and to encourage new leaders to grow their skills. The HRI Leadership Academy is an advanced program designed for rapid leadership development and real-world results. Strong leaders and strong ongoing leadership development are mission critical for businesses like yours.

The HRI Leadership Academy provides businesses the opportunity to retain top talent, recognize and build leaders for the business and the overall industry, develop talent to keep companies on the cutting edge of change and growth, identify and train potential successors, arm talent with tools to become better leaders, coaches, and decision makers, and deliver a hands-on learning environment where leaders explore real challenges for green industry businesses.

If you have an employee who is passionate about making a meaningful impact in the horticultural field and is committed to giving back to the industry, community, and your company, encourage them to apply. Preference is given to candidates with at least five years of leadership experience and seven years of relevant industry work experience.

The deadline to submit applications is Feb. 9. Apply now and learn more here.