Niagara Parks orchid show showhouse

Apr 1, 2024
First orchid show continues in April at Niagara Parks

In a burst of color and spring fragrance, the highly anticipated first ever, in-person orchid show made its debut inside the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse on March 8. Featuring unique hybrids and bloom varieties, this year’s show is inspired by the upcoming total solar eclipse expected in Niagara Falls on April 8, 2024. The show draws inspiration from the celestial event, showcasing a mesmerizing palette of celestial hues ranging from striking purples to cheerful yellows, pinks and whites.

2024 Orchid Show-4Rare orchid varieties create striking displays inside the North and Centre Houses. Visitors can admire adorning floral accents such as an orchid moon gate, arches and pillars featuring the captivating Blackadder, Little Pinky, Lotte, Pikachu, Pinky, Sunshine and White Apple. To accompany the orchids, lush greenery accents of Majesty Palms, Alocasia ‘Polly’, Tradescantia ‘Zebrina’ and Blue Star Ferns are set to be a sensory rich experience for all who visit.

This year’s theme of the total solar eclipse can be found sprinkled throughout the Floral Showhouse. In the Centre House, prepare to witness bright yellow orbs of orchids taking inspiration from the earth’s sun. Meanwhile, the formations of yellow, white and purple orchids symbolize galaxies across the universe. As guests enter the North House, prepare to be amazed by floral creations that pull the viewer to the showstopping white moon-inspired orchid orb.

There is an admission charge to the Orchid Show. Admission is also included in Niagara Parks’ season passes and bundled attraction packages.

The First of its Kind at the Floral Showhouse

Since the Floral Showhouse creation in 1946, it has never boasted a show dedicated to the delicate and strenuous orchid. After years of planning, Niagara Parks’ expert horticulturalists have grown over 1,500 orchids to launch the first Orchid Show at the Floral Showhouse. This daunting undertaking by horticulturalist staff had to monitor the orchids around the clock, from precise temperature control to careful watering techniques and expert potting soil choices, the dedicated team has spared no effort to ensure that each bloom is in peak condition for the 2024 show.

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