Oct 27, 2023
Fluence fixtures used at Flora & Flame increase yields

Fluence, a global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, shared the results of its partnership with Oakland, California-based cannabis cultivator Flora & Flame.

This partnership has helped Flora & Flame increase its yields, improve bud quality and reduced cycle times. Flora & Flame was founded with a vision to build a more sustainable, eco-friendly business model. The company manages an all-organic, indoor vertical farm with a focus on growing cannabis.

After testing fixtures from more than half a dozen competitors, Flora & Flame selected Fluence’s SPYDR 2p and 2x fixtures, which has resulted in improved trichome quality and overall trichome percentage, increased bud density and boosted overall production compared to legacy high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures.

“As a business owner, you’re looking for partners that match your vision, which, for us, meant a provider that could help us grow with a focus on sustainability,” said Chris Castle, co-founder and chief operating officer at Flora & Flame. “After a rigorous evaluation process, it became clear that Fluence not only shares that vision but exceeds the standards for product quality, efficiency and cultivation expertise that we sought. The plant quality we’ve experienced since working with Fluence is unmatched—better yields, better look and smell, and just a better overall product.”

Castle’s goal to implement ecologically friendly cultivation practices began well before Flora & Flame’s commercial launch. The company spent years testing and perfecting its innovative “living soil,” an alternative planting material that relies on biological ingredients like bacteria, protozoa and worms to generate biodiversity within the soil, helping plants thrive and leading to a naturally produced, chemical-free product.

Fluence has supported Flora & Flame’s vision, leveraging its network to connect the cultivator with reliable industry partners. Fluence’s LEDs has helped the Flora & Flame team use less electricity and conserve power. Fluence’s rebate program has helped Flora & Flame collect nearly $100,000 in utility rebates.

“Growers like Flora & Flame trusting us with their groundbreaking ideas for the future of cultivation is a testament to the years we’ve dedicated to improving and refining our fixtures as well as our deep base of scientific knowledge,” said Steve Graves, senior vice president of strategy and product at Fluence. “We will continue to work with cutting-edge growers to help the world grow smarter and more sustainably.”

For more information on Fluence, visit fluence-led.com.