Sep 23, 2020
Griffin Hosts Successful Virtual Expo

Griffin, one of the largest horticultural brokers and suppliers in the United States, announced that more customers attended its online event than last year when Griffin hosted two in-person events. They had the same number of vendors participate as previous years.

Recognizing this online platform is not for everyone, next year Griffin plans to have two expos: one virtual and one live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The virtual event will take place Sept. 13-24, 2021, and the in-person event will be Sept. 22-23.

The 2020 Virtual Expo included:

  • A virtual exhibit hall
  • Educational sessions
  • Ability to ‘live’ chat
  • Virtual gaming with prizes to keep the event lively and fun
  • Many other exciting ways to conduct business, engage and work together

“I am pleased of what we were able to accomplish — how we listened, responded and delivered on our promise to customers and our partners in a new way with this event. While we ventured into this event thinking that a virtual conference was an interesting alternative to the in-person conference, we are now thinking of it as a powerful tool going forward,” Jim Rottenberg, vice president, marketing and retail sales for Griffin.

“Our customers, partners and the market have readily embraced the shift to online,” said Brian Sullivan, director of sales for Griffin. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with respect to how intuitive and seamless the experience was. I am proud of how the Griffin team pivoted to developing a platform designed with ease-of-use in mind for our customers and out partners.”

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