Mar 28, 2024
Harrell’s partners for better root growth

3BarBio announced they have teamed with Harrell’s to provide the golf industry with Azo Root, a live biological product that helps foster root growth and improve function. These increased root systems make the grass healthier, improve water and nutrient uptake and storage and better tolerate drought conditions and other stressors.

With on-demand production and microbiology expertise, 3Bar enables Azo Root, a rooting inoculant, to be alive in a proprietary package for activation by the user just prior to application. By colonizing roots, this innovative product is proven to help stimulate root growth and improve the overall health of turfgrass and other plants. Azo Root contains the bacterium Azospirillum brasilense which both induces rooting and increases the plant’s ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for growth. The benefits of Azo Root were most recently quantified through third-party research conducted on turfgrass at Virginia Tech, as well as through prior published research and commercial field trials using this bacterium.

Harrell's Azo Root for better root growth3Bar selected Harrell’s as the exclusive distributor of Azo Root because of the company’s long history as the premier US distributor of agronomic solutions for the golf, turf & landscape, horticulture, and specialty agriculture markets. Harrell’s relationships and extensive knowledge of the turfgrass industry were critical factors in deciding to work together. Bruce Caldwell, 3Bar’s CEO, said, “Harrell’s has a reputation for serving customers in the golf and turf industry, and the trust that their customers place in the company made working together an obvious choice.” See Azo Root at the New England Regional Turfgrass Conference March 5-7, 2024 by visiting Harrell’s and 3Bar.

About Harrell’s

In addition to being one of the nation’s largest distributors of branded fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, Harrell’s produces top-quality, custom-blended fertilizers, specialty liquids, and wetting agents. Harrell’s guarantees stringent quality control procedures, tight manufacturing specifications, and careful selection of raw materials for each product that carries the Harrell’s name. Additionally, Harrell’s is proud to be the exclusive United States owner, formulator, and distributor of all POLYON branded products. 

About 3BarBio

Founded in 2013 by CEO Bruce Caldwell, 3BarBio offers increased profitability to discovery companies and distributors by guaranteeing viable microbes and creating a smarter supply chain. 3Bar addresses the major hurdle to further adoption of biologics by designing innovative packaging to deliver viable microbes to the ag market. With its proprietary Design. Develop. Deliver. process, 3Bar delivers on demand for partners around the world.