Danziger Live

Mar 17, 2021
Monthly ‘Danziger Live’ Debuts March 24

Danziger has announced the launch of ‘Danziger Live’ — an interactive monthly event that will investigate a series of topics that affect florists around the world. The company’s resident floral guru Alison Bradley will interview designers to discover why they have been so successful and how they did it. The first live event is set to take place on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 12 p.m. (EDT).

Some subjects that will be covered are: how to attract the most effective kind of social media attention; creating a brand; how to connect with mainstream media; how to upsell; what is commercial and what isn’t; and how to connect with your real audience.

“As a leading breeder in the flowers industry, we find it most important to expose the florists’ community to professional content, and to broaden their knowledge and expertise about the flowers they are working with. We really think that building a platform where they can share their professionality, exchange thoughts and ideas, get inspired and network can promote the entire flowers industry worldwide and therefore we decided to take the lead in creating such a value-added platform,” said Ori Danziger, deputy CEO of Danziger.

“Listed as one of the top 50 most influential people in the flower industry, Alison Bradley is a legend, and to listen to her, it is just an inspiration for all of us,” he added.

The first session — Dare to Dream — will also feature Ahti Lyra, famous for his exciting and sometimes controversial designs. He will explain why he continues to challenge himself to find original concepts to make artistic floristry more commercial. What originally started as an exercise in being successful in competitions has developed into a commercial success story.

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