Sep 22, 2022
New Nursery Weed Management Guide Now Available Online

A new resource from Bayer supports growers across North America with guidance and strategies for managing weeds in nursery crops.

The Turf & Ornamentals business of Bayer is bringing growers an invaluable, online resource to help them identify and control weeds. The new Nursery Weed Management Guide, developed and reviewed by the nation’s leading weed science experts, brings growers region-specific plans to build a successful weed control program.

“At Bayer, we are continuing to work hard to engage with and support growers,” said Jane Stanley, technical specialist on the Green Solutions Team. “This guide is the latest in our ongoing efforts to be a valuable partner and help them achieve success.”

The Nursery Weed Management Guide includes a wide range of resources to help growers, including cultural strategies for managing weeds in nursery crops, propagation and non-crop areas, a visual guide to identify weed species, and mode-of-action and active ingredient tables to help growers plan effective chemical rotations. It also includes recommendations tailored to a specific region and production type.

“A successful, cost-effective weed control strategy is essential to success,” said Stanley. “In addition to this essential guide, our team of experts and proven portfolio of products are here to help growers control the weeds, insects and diseases that hinder the growth of crops.”

To learn more, contact your Bayer representative or download the new 
resource here.