May 20, 2021
Researchers Debut New Indoor Farming Online Resource

A free, online resource is now available that growers can use to help make their indoor farming businesses more productive and profitable.

It’s a website featuring research results from six horticulture, engineering and agricultural economics professors and extension specialists, their graduate students and technicians at Michigan State, the Ohio State and Purdue Universities, and the University of Arizona.

Born from a four-year, USDA grant-funded project called OptimIA, the website is a tool researchers are making available to anyone interested in overcoming the technological, environmental and financial challenges common to indoor farming.

In addition to the latest published research, the website offers trade articles authored by OptimIA project scientists, indoor production research highlights, recorded webinars presented by top national and international indoor farming experts, upcoming events related to indoor farming and the OptimIA project, and FAQs.

The OptimIA project’s goal is to define the environmental parameters within which leafy greens such as lettuce perform best in indoor vertical farms. While the work of each project researcher is unique, all centers around the effects of light, carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, air movement and economics (operating, labor, equipment, etc.) on the sustainability and profitability of using indoor farms to produce leafy greens and microgreens.

The site will be frequently updated with new research results, as they become available.

To access the OptimIA project web site, visit

OptimIA is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Research Initiative.


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