Jun 9, 2016
Six AAS Winners’ Availability Expanded

Six All-America Selections vegetable/edible winners are now more accessible to North American growers and gardeners.

Three patio/container tomatoes from Pro-Veg Seeds Ltd. from the United Kingdom are now available to order in smaller quantities directly from A.P. Whaley in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Melemon, another AAS winner, is once again available, direct from the breeder, Known-You Seed Co. Hansel and Gretel eggplants, are now available from PanAmerican Seed Company.

Here are the available plants, with descriptions provided by All-America Selections:

Terenzo F1: Vigorous variety, well adapted for hanging baskets. Tidy low-growing, high yielding trailing plants, only 25 – 30 cm height. Very easy to grow cherry tomato with great flavor, quite resistant to cracking and easy to pick throughout summer.

Lizzano F1: The first late blight (Phytophthora infestans) tolerant cherry fruited semi-determinate variety on the market. It produces vigorous, healthy plants. High yields of great tasting fruits, allowing continuous harvesting over a long period.

Fantastico F1: Grape-sized tomatoes, trailing determinate variety with an attractive bushy growing habit and some late blight (Phytophthora infestans) tolerance. Plants produce masses of sweet tasting fruits which have an excellent shelf life.

Melemon F1: This early, high-yielding melon grows multiple fruits on healthy strong plants. AAS Judges related the taste of this melon to honeydew, but with a surprising and delicious tangy sweet and tart taste.

Hansel F1: Dark purple elongated fruit form in clusters and can be harvested as a miniature eggplant or when fruit reach 6-10 inches long. The highly productive plants can be grown in-ground or in a patio container. Much higher yielding and earlier maturing than OP varieties currently on the market.

Gretel F1: Clusters of white, tender, teardrop shaped fruit are borne on highly productive plants. Harvest as a miniature fruit or when they reach 4-6 inches long. Plants are slightly larger than Hansel but still can be grown in-ground or in a patio container. Delicious, bitter-free fruit can be prepared the same way as Hansel.