Jun 7, 2023
Super Serie Fusion Large is going live at FlowerTrials

During FlowerTrials, Schoneveld Breeding will present its introduction of Super Serie Fusion.

The large-flowered cyclamen Super Serie Fusion is available from this season on in the color Neon Pink. The unique flowers are a two-toned color, making Super Serie Fusion a novelty you just can’t take your eyes off.

The development of this new product started in 2012. The aim was to develop a large-flowered cyclamen with striking, two-toned flowers. Super Serie Fusion Large reacts strongly to climate, which made development challenging. It was important that the product in the end flowers consistently. And of course, characteristics like uniformity in colors and flowering needed to be maintained. The result is a cyclamen that is almost identical to the growth habit of Super Serie XL.

As an extra bonus, Super Serie Fusion will be available in midi format at a later stage. This cyclamen already gives the typical two-toned flowers in the summer and is cultivated similarly to Super Serie Allure.