Feb 19, 2016
Syngenta Creates Online Learning Module for New FungicideSource: Syngenta

Syngenta has developed an online learning module to educate growers on its newest fungicide Mural. This mobile-friendly web application allows participants to learn in-depth product information through a digital experience.

“The Mural online learning module is a way for growers to familiarize themselves with the latest fungicide innovation from Syngenta,” said Laurie Riggs, ornamental marketing manager at Syngenta. “It offers a vast amount of information that will benefit any grower looking for a broad spectrum fungicide that will consistently protect their ornamental and vegetable crops from a wide range of root and foliar diseases.”

In its short sections, this learning module teaches participants about the features and benefits of Mural, Syngenta said. This includes its two active ingredients, multiple application methods and approved use sites, effectiveness at low use rates, best in class systemic movement, and efficient water-dispersible formulation, according to Syngenta.

To view the learning module, please visit www.MuralFungicide.com. The first 100 participants to complete it will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.