Jan 25, 2024
Tu Bloom Designs select Wave petunias for GRAMMY Awards

PanAmerican Seed has announced that its Wave spreading petunias will star in the red-carpet designs of Tu Bloom, the official botanical artist for the GRAMMY Awards.

On Feb. 4, the 66th GRAMMY Awards will air and millions of viewers will see Wave Spreading Petunias strike a colorful pose with a unique look by designer Mr. Bloom. This garden display will include the E3 Easy Wave series in Sky Blue, White and Red. Thousands of Wave plants will welcome recording artists at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

“I am a longtime fan and collaborator with Wave Petunias and have been eager to build a red-carpet look with them for years,” Tu Bloom, owner of Tu Bloom Designs, said. “You will see Wave in a whole new way with the vibe I’m creating. It will be glamorous and hold its own at this star-studded event, but also attainable for viewers who want a symphony color at home.”

“Wave petunias already are the spotlight of so many gardens worldwide because of their easy, spreading color. I have no doubt they’ll feel right at home on the red carpet amongst other star performers,” Sarah Makiejus, marketing manager for PanAmerican Seed, said. “It’s been amazing watching Tu Bloom work his magic with the Wave brand, and we can’t wait to see his garden-inspired look at the GRAMMYs this February.”

For more information about Wave petunias, visit wavegardening.com.