Jun 14, 2023
TurnKey Genomics and Healthy Hydroponics InnoTech announce partnership In AgTech

Healthy Hydroponics and TurnKey Genomics join efforts to bring genomic technologies which aid in crop development and protection. These technologies are being used to benefit growers, agrochemical companies, propagators and all other players in the agricultural landscape.

Healthy Hydroponics InnoTech offers services for tracking–via their online portal–a multitude of pathogens, even in the absence of symptoms, providing indications of disease risk. TurnKey Genomics offers genotyping and deep genomics expertise in areas related to crop breeding and development. These companies announced they would join forces to provide clients with reliable results using a broader range of innovative genomics tools, approaches, and methodologies.

The synergy between the companies is what brought them together. Both Healthy Hydroponics’ and TurnKey Genomics’ services in sequencing science and big data genomics are at the forefront of genomics applications to meet the goals of agricultural and cannabis growers with reliable, fast and cost-effective genetic analysis capabilities.

The benefits of using genomic technologies are important to all aspects of the agricultural industry in Canada, contributing to environmental sustainability and improving economic viability. For growers, using this technology for early detection of pathogens can aid in reducing crop and financial loss in the long run.

Through tremendous advancements in genomic technologies, new strategies are emerging for plant and animal breeders in developing new agri-food products that take less time to get to market and addressing the impacts of climate change while reducing the environmental costs of food production.

 “We are tremendously excited to join with the excellent team at TurnKey Genomics so that together we can deliver genomics solutions right across the food and agriculture sector,” Trevor Charles Ph.D., co-founder of Healthy Hydroponics, said.

“Forming this strategic partnership with Healthy Hydroponics brings together world-class expertise and capacity for developing innovative, genomics-driven solutions for the Agri-Food sector in Canada,” Chris Grainger Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Turnkey Genomics, said.

About Healthy Hydroponics Innotech

Founded in 2022 in Waterloo, Ontario, Healthy Hydroponics was initially a Metagenom Bio Life Science Inc. project funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to determine the baseline microbiome in hydroponic systems in the context of crop protection and food safety. Since then, the team has worked with growers in Canada and the USA to demonstrate the benefits of routine microbiome surveillance. The uniqueness of Healthy Hydroponics’ services is that they permit the tracking of a multitude of pathogens, even in the absence of symptoms, providing indications of disease potential. The team has also worked hard to create a virtual tool to help growers keep track of the history of pathogens in their hydroponic systems in a way that is easy to interpret and make decisions.

About TurnKey Genomics

Founded in 2023, in Guelph, Ontario, TurnKey Genomics operates in various areas of the Agricultural Genomics industry, with a passion to integrate these technologies into real-world applications to support Canadian agriculture from coast to coast and the diverse landscape that makes up Canada’s world class agri-food system.