Pesticide Applications

Researchers Aim to Compile Database of Pesticide Combinations

Using multiple pesticides together to prevent a broader spectrum of pests is common in the floriculture industry, but it can be difficult confirming t... more »

Syngenta Closes on Acquisition of DuPont’s Insecticide Business

On Oct. 2, Syngenta announced it has closed the acquisition of the DuPont Professional Products insecticide business. The company had announced its in... more »

Syngenta to Buy DuPont Professional Products Business

Syngenta has announced it plans to acquire the DuPont Professional Products insecticide business, including a number of registered trademark brands. T... more »

SePRO Biological Insecticide Registered for Use in California

SePRO Corp.'s new Preferal biological insecticide has received California Registration for use in the greenhouse, nursery, and landscape markets. Pref... more »

Take Another Look

I really like a variation to a short story “Sharpen Your Axe.” It goes like this: A strong, young woodsman impressed the logging camp by felling m... more »

Tank-Mixing and Pesticide Performance

Insecticides and miticides are used by greenhouse producers to control many of the major arthropod pests. Western flower thrips (WFT) is one of the mo... more »

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