Mark Feier
40 Under 40, Class of 2022

Mark Feier


McHutchison Inc.

Job Title

Regional Nursery Manager


  • Helped company successfully integrate two different businesses, and two separate industries, into one operational group that directly benefits customers and vendors.
  • Earned his MBA from Rutgers Business School after five years of taking night classes while working full time (and during a pandemic).


Ready to Pioneer Some Martian Horticulture: When he was in college, Mark applied to a program that would be training Mars astronauts. “My application was denied, and the program itself never came to fruition (coincidence? I don’t think so).”

Fun Facts

Decisions, Decisions: Mark loves stories about making hard choices in order to do what is right. “‘Lord of the Rings’ has always been my go-to movie, and I watch the movies around Christmas every year.”