April 2019

2019 Update: Bacterial Leaf Spots and Blight

A lot has changed in the bacterial realm over the past few years. What are new control strategies you can use to address new disease occurrences in your production?

Biological Insect Control: State of the Industry and Future Success

Today’s guest is Greg Bryant, IPM Specialist for Beneficial Insectary. Greg earned his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in 2012 majoring in zoology with an entomology focus. He worked for ... more

Chat Room — April 2019

This month, we asked growers about their experience with pests and diseases. And now that spring is officially here and Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we discuss spring’s challenges and o... more

Crops Suitable for Vertical Farming

Vertical farming refers to the production of plants grown in stacked horizontal or vertical layers, or other three-dimensional configurations. Most commercial vertical farms produce crops inside build... more

Culture Report: FanciFiller Program

This new collection aims to reinvent the concept of the often underappreciated filler plants.

Green Fuse Botanicals — All Star Summer Performers

Entered into numerous trials across the country in 2018, these annuals and perennials stood out with impressive color and performance.

Hiring the Right People

Welcome to Spring 2019! By now, the Polar Vortexes and Cyclone Bombs along with the run-of-the-mill blizzards of this past winter are a distant memory and it is showtime. Each spring brings huge opp... more

Miticides for Use in Greenhouse Production Systems

Question: Could you provide background information associated with the different miticides commercially available for use in greenhouse production systems against the twospotted spider mite?

On Trend: Ornamental Grasses

Their value in the landscape has proven to be more than just a fad. How can you keep up with consumer interest in this hot plant category?

Plant Health — The Journey and the Reward

For the past 10 years, I have owned an Iowa heirloom tomato farm called Butcher Crick Farms (and sometimes referred to as "my bad habit"). Today, my full-time career is the biologicals team lead at BA... more

The Cultivar Solution

Invasive species can be tamed with plant breeding

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