November 2016

Beneficials and Biologicals

Question: Will entomopathogenic (beneficial) fungi and bacteria indirectly affect biological control agents?

Culture Report: Portulaca ColorBlast Series

Used in both garden beds and baskets, ColorBlast portulaca is an easy win for consumer success.

Finding the Next 40

This month we begin accepting nominations for the Class of 2017 of GPN’s 40 Under 40. Now entering its sixth year, GPN’s 40 Under 40 is a chance to recognize the future of the horticulture industr... more

Greenhouse Consultation: The New Normal

Whether it's a startup hydroponics operation in the city or an existing commercial flower facility in rural America, the decision to construct a greenhouse is stressful and difficult. There’s a seem... more

Growing an Online Presence

Consider these tips and examples to further develop your online presence via website and other digital media.

High Tunnel and Outdoor Production of Cold-Tolerant Bedding Plants

As greenhouse space becomes limited in the spring, you may consider using outdoor spaces and high tunnels. Read on for insight into the benefits and risks associated with these growing strategies.

Managing Temperature to Balance Crop Quality and Timing

One of the major reasons why we grow floriculture crops in greenhouses is to regulate the environment, especially temperature, to control plant growth and development. We can also manipulate the day l... more

Perennial Solutions: Campanula carpatica ‘Rapido Blue’

This quick bloomer puts out a tremendous display of color on compact, vigorous plants.

PGR Active Ingredients

What are the different types of plant growth– regulating compounds and how can they be used in greenhouse crop production?

The Foodscape Revolution

“Garden to Table” is the best way to describe my passion for adding purpose to landscapes in suburban neighborhoods, office parks, school campuses and retirement communities. Cultivating food is m... more

Using Recycled Water

If we look at water as a precious resource and the current drought conditions that many states are facing, we need to really think about recycling. We often hear about saving water with down spout bar... more

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