November 2020

Biological Control Agents for Whiteflies

Question: What commercially available biological control agents can be used to regulate whitefly populations in greenhouse production systems? Answer: Whiteflies are major insect pests of many gree... more

Chat Room — November 2020

This month, we asked our readers about mum production, media usage, current disease problems and plans for 2021. Here’s what they had to say. ... more

Culture Report: Lavender Javelin Forte Series

With bright impactful color, delightful fragrance and exceptional performance, this lavender series is a standout from the greenhouse to the garden.

Designing the Most Effective Fungicide Rotation

What factors should growers consider before constructing a rotation program?

Discovering New Opportunity in 2021

2020 has proven to be a year unlike most of us have seen before. From the challenges with early spring and Easter crops to the strong demand that growers saw in May and beyond, many growers have disco... more

Effective Long-Day Lighting Fixtures

A large number of annual bedding plant and herbaceous perennial species flower earlier when grown under long days. A long day can be as few as 13 hours of light for some crops, while at least 15 hours... more

Greenhouse Cladding 101

There are many different factors to consider when selecting the right cladding material for your greenhouses.

Plant Celebration in the Northland

These vivacious designer recipe combination baskets were standouts at the Plantpeddler trial this summer.

Preconditioning Wood Substrates for Greenhouse Crop Production

This is the first article of a two-part series highlighting research trials aimed at better understanding the use and potential of wood products in greenhouse substrates.

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