Jun 8, 2019
Aquaponics Class Being Offered

Nelson and Pade, Inc. will host a one day class on the basics of running an aquaponics system. The class will include an introduction to aquaponics — an innovative method of raising fish and vegetables, year-round in any climate.

This class also will feature many hands-on activities of what is involved in the daily operations of a commercial aquaponics greenhouse operation. These tasks include but are not limited to: seeding and transplanting, harvesting fish, water quality testing and more!

The one-day “A Day in the Life” class will take place June 21at Nelson and Pade’s state-of-the-art greenhouse and training facility in Montello, Wisconsin.

Seating is limited, so attendees are encouraged to register online at www.aquaponics.com or by phone at 608.297.8708. The cost is $249 per person and includes course materials, tour and an aquaponically-grown salad luncheon.