Climate Control Solutions will be at Indoor Ag-Con event 2024

Mar 8, 2024
Climate Control Systems, partners will showcase innovations at Indoor Ag-Con

Climate Control Systems is participating in the upcoming Indoor Ag-Con alongside it’s partners, Delta 9 Grow Pods and InSpire Transpiration Solutions. The event, which is a major convention for the indoor agriculture industry, will take place at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 11-12.

At Indoor Ag-Con, Climate Control Systems Inc. will present it’s fertigation and climate control solutions that are designed to revolutionize the way indoor farming is done. The company focuses on reducing water and energy usage while maximizing crop yields, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Joining forces with Delta 9 Grow Pods, a leading provider of modular grow facilities and InSpire Transpiration Solutions, known for their cultivation infrastructure, automation and managed services. Climate Control Systems Inc. aims to demonstrate how their integrated systems can benefit growers by creating optimal growing conditions, increasing profitability, and pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly farming practices.

Climate Control Solutions will be at Indoor Ag-Con event 2024“We’re thrilled to showcase our latest technologies at Indoor Ag-Con to an audience passionate about the future of indoor agriculture,” Ian Morrell, vice president of sales at Climate Control Systems said.

“Our partnership with Delta 9 Grow Pods and InSpire Transpiration Solutions highlights our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that help our customers thrive in a competitive and environmentally conscious market.”

Attendees of Indoor Ag-Con are invited to visit the Climate Control Systems at booth 512 where they can experience firsthand the capabilities of the company’s cutting-edge systems. Product experts and executives from all three companies will be available to discuss how these technologies work synergistically to enhance indoor farming operations.

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Climate Control Systems Inc. has been a pioneer in developing and manufacturing advanced fertigation and environmental control systems for the agriculture industry. With a focus on sustainability, the company’s products help growers around the world to reduce water and energy consumption while increasing crop yields.

Delta 9 Grow Pods specializes in the design and production of modular grow facilities for the indoor farming industry. Their state-of-the-art grow pods provide growers with movable, scalable and fully controlled environments to optimize plant growth year-round.

InSpire Transpiration Solutions is dedicated to creating the most profitable, sustainable and efficient indoor farms with innovative cultivation infrastructure, automation and managed services.